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New! Caron One Pound, Caron Simply Soft and Herrschners 2-Ply Afghan palettes - thank you to BetwixtTheStitch!

New!  The Herrschner's Worsted Palette - thank you to BetwixtTheStitch!

New!  We've just added the palette for Deborah Norville Everyday Yarn!  If you knit and/or crochet, this is for you.  This is a beautiful yarn with a nice feel to it, a good alternative in worsted weight acrylic!  (Thank you again to BetwixtTheStitch!)

New!  The Red Heart Super Saver Palette - thank you to BetwixtTheStitch!

Welcome to Stitchboard!  Feel free to sit and stay awhile.  Check out our new Premier features.  In addition to the ability to create larger patterns (up to 500 stitches wide), illusion knitting and private labeling (no more worries about editing those pesky and messy PDFs), we've just introduced Filet Crochet, our most popular request!  We have many more features planned, too!  Laughing
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PEYOTE IS MY FAVORITE TOO, I AM NEW HERE AND WOULD LOVE TO SHARE MY WORK!!! I need to know likeminded people who want to help out fellow beaders. I am sitting on $1,000s worth if finished product but lost as stars in space on what to do, how to do it or even price it. but i am glad to meet you, i hope we can become friends.

Hi Melanie,

LOL I did not like framing things no matter what type of project it was. And I was terrible at it. That was many many years ago and I have not tried it since. They were small things, so it didn't take much to get it in the frame. It is just not my idea of having fun or being creative. That's why I choose when possible to use natural things like tree limbs to ahng things when it looks right.

I've been checking on the silk threads coming in from China almost daily. It was an Etsy store purchase and for the past week there was no new info on tracking which I am used to given other countries and our mail system don't usually keep up with that at least for us on the receiving side. Checked tonihgt I gave it oen more try before I go back to work tomorrow afternoon and I almost fell out of my chair!! It said on the 9th my threads were in teh Chicago USPS system!! I really did not expect to get them for at least anoither month or more from what I have read in the past about getting things from China. I am elated to get it soon. But also not ready for the thread either. I found a really nice embroidery frame and stand on Etsy a few days ago I want to get to use for my new fetish of embroidery. It is in the Ukraine, so not sure how long that will take to get here once I order it. I hope to get to order it in a couplke of weeks. This one has a lighted frame and is supposed to have 2 sizes of frames with the one I want to order. One is called by them the cross stitch and the other is the tapestry frame. Plus, it can be set up as a table stand or floor and even one setup for attaching it to a shelf or table edge. Really awesome looking for the price they want for so much.  They also have a Facebook public group I didn't join yet. But will if I get it even tho most of the conversation is in their language. It ahs ability for translation for most posts which is nice. If you would like to see the Etsy site with photos of what I am describing, it is called DizayCraftStudio. On this site they only have this frame and loom for purchase in either the cross stitch or cross stitch + tapestry frame. And the price to me is great for what all they offer with it in my opinion, tho not cheap which is why I have to wait a couple of weeks or maby longer to get it.

The beading patterns I have recently made were Southwest style designs. The one I added to the files for other members was for a belt or guitar strap. But I told everyone they were welcome to use any part of the designs in it in any way they desired. I don't have time at this stage of my life to set up, create and sell patterns or finished products. So I didn't mind letting others use the pattern and I was pretty confident no one would only because most don't work in Southwest Native American style designs. I added a pdf for a loom beaded style and another for a peyote style in the same pattern. Of course each stitch style was a bit different given peyote has to be offset and that creates a slightly different look to the designs. The group I added these to on Facebook was Seed Beads And More. It was last fall so those pdfs are buried in tons of flies they have on there. It could be hard to find for you should you be interested in downloading it. Not sure if I sent it to you it will work. Have not ahd anyone want me to send the pdf privately to to them to see if I am smart enough to do so. LOL I would be glad to give it to you if you want it. Of course I have not ahd time to get much done on either stitch style and the loomed one I redid  part of the designs and have a new pdf for that one. I do have photos of what I ahve worked which is not much since I have worked so much on the vulture tapestry instead. Seed Beads And More, Beginner's Guide To Bead Weaving, Beaded Tapestries (and other unique bead pieces), and Bead Awe are my favorite groups on FB. Those are the ones I go to most when I have the tiem to be over there. I soo understand life and too many projects in the works getting in the way of fun things. Not to mention real work that I ahve to go to or I would not be able to afford my fetishes! Cool

This was the 1st design I began for the loomed pdf. I have since taken this one apart, but this is the pdf on the FB group. I have a new pdf for the revised design pattern as well. The patterns on the group are listed under the name Turquoise Fantasy.

This is the revised design for the loomed pattern. I begain this one from the opposite end. The main thing I changed was the designing around the Thunderbird area.

This is the peyote version of the design for my Turquoise Fantasy pattern. That is all I have done so far of it. I do have a pdf for it. I made all these on my BeadTool4 program since I had to add each bead one at a time to create these. When I first started the top loomed design I didn't have any beading programs. I created it the old fashion way with graph paper and colored pencils. Another reason I changed it a bit when I put it through the beading program.


Welcome! Smile

Wow, you're not kidding about frozen! I was in MN once during the winter and thought I was never going to thaw, LOL!

Feel free to post some pics of your work...we love to drool! Wink

Hello, I just created a pattern using the wizard...AMAZING by the way.

Is each square a single crochet or double crochet stitch?


Thank You!

Hi again!

Since we now have Premier subscribers who can go to 500 stitches across (information here), we got into a discussion regarding the old default setting of generating patterns of the number pixels across in the uploaded image.  We figured most of the users would not automatically want the 500 stitches when using a larger image so we now default to the fixed (but changeable) number of 80. 

To manually raise this count, simply enter the desired stitch count in the box in section 6.

Also, there was a minor bug in the Illusion Knitting function where the word charts could have shown improperly.  If stitched the way it printed out, it would have worked but the notations were not what I wanted.  A row might have shown K10, P4, P2, P5, K7.  The corrected version would now show K10, P11, K7.  Again, someone knitting the pattern would have thought the system was sipping a little too much of something but it would have stitched out properly.

I'm winding up another new feature and hope to have it running soon.
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