We’re a small group of avid crafters/stitchers who also love computers. Over the years we’ve seen the online world grow from small, independent online services to the large Web-based communities available today. We’re big fans of technology, and most of all, the ability to meet new friends who enjoy doing the same things we do.

We plan to cover as many forms of stitching as you would like to discuss. We’re starting out small, with the topics we know best -- beading, knitting and crochet. Over time, we’ll be adding other topics, with moderators who also know them. We plan to grow this community into a warm, happy, friendly place, where people can ask questions, discuss techniques or simply talk about their projects -- anything related to stitching!

As one of the founders of Stitchboard, I'll admit, this site has been around for a very long time, since 2002. Years! And though it’s been dormant for so long, we’re finally getting around to developing it, being unable to coordinate and get together to do so until now.

One of my personal motivations for getting this site moving was because I realized I have very few friends who actually craft. This was a disturbing thought. And sadly, most of the ones who do craft live extremely far from me (other countries!), so I only write to them on the Internet. Statistically, you wouldn't think that with the gobs and gobs of dear friends I have, not many of them craft. Sad.

What I would really like to do, in addition to those gobs and gobs of wonderful, supportive friends, is have an active network with people who do the things I enjoy doing. These days, it's knitting and beadwork. Crochet, as well.

Thus, we've decided to first open up those three topics on Stitchboard.

What happened to sewing, you may ask? Call it artistic license. It isn’t that anyone here dislikes sewing (though I’m not a big fan of hand sewing), but as none of us are terribly knowledgeable and can’t be much of a guide to anyone on that subject, we'll temporarily hold off. For all of you sewing enthusiasts, yes, eventually we'll be talking about it.

This is not just a collection of bulletin boards for discussion, though that's the main reason for this site; it’s a member of an arts and crafts family of Web sites being developed. It's also where I’ll personally be talking about stitching-related things on my blog, reviewing products and discussing anything that comes to mind. Mostly stitching related, though (founder’s prerogative) anything else, as well…inspirations, aspirations and, of course, what I’m beading, knitting or crocheting at the moment.

One other thing (aside from the initial rules, which the lawyers make me say). While I admit I personally have no problem with strong language, please keep it in check while you're here. We do want to keep this place friendly for the younger set and those who don’t care for strong language. :)


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