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New! Caron One Pound, Caron Simply Soft and Herrschners 2-Ply Afghan palettes - thank you to BetwixtTheStitch!

New!  The Herrschner's Worsted Palette - thank you to BetwixtTheStitch!

New!  We've just added the palette for Deborah Norville Everyday Yarn!  If you knit and/or crochet, this is for you.  This is a beautiful yarn with a nice feel to it, a good alternative in worsted weight acrylic!  (Thank you again to BetwixtTheStitch!)

New!  The Red Heart Super Saver Palette - thank you to BetwixtTheStitch!

Welcome to Stitchboard!  Feel free to sit and stay awhile.  Check out our new Premier features.  In addition to the ability to create larger patterns (up to 500 stitches wide), illusion knitting and private labeling (no more worries about editing those pesky and messy PDFs), we've just introduced Filet Crochet, our most popular request!  We have many more features planned, too!  Laughing
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Welcome! Smile
As you've noticed, something as large as a logo is difficult to work with when you're going that small. The best suggestion I can give is to make sure you have your original image in a pixel-to-stitch/bead ratio (meaning if you want 20 beads across, you should have 20 pixels in your image). This, of course, won't be possible with a lot of images, as you'll lose most or all of the detail when trying to make the images so small. Frown
Then when you have the image as small as you want it in beads, in #6 in the freePatternWizard you'd set the number of stitches/beads in this way: I wish to enter my desired count - Number of stitches desired: XX (where XX is the number of beads across that you desire, rather than the default of 80).
The other thing is that the freePatternWizard for now will set the height for you. We made it that way originally so people wouldn't skew or truncate their patterns. A future version will allow you to designate the height, but for now the freePatternWizard will do that automatically.
My guess is the NFL images are too detailed to go that small, but I'm not very familiar with them and don't know if that's true.
Hope that helps! Smile

Welcome! Smile
I'm sorry to say the freePatternWizard can't take a finished pattern and turn it into a chart. Frown All the program can do is make patterns in word or graph form from original images. I've done some searches, but have never found anything that takes word charts and converts them. All of the matches are for programs that will turn an original image into a chart or word pattern, or tutorials on how to create your own word pattern.
I'm so sorry you're having problems with those word charts. Perhaps you could contact the original designer(s) and ask if there are graphs available instead of word charts?

Wow, that sounds amazingSmile

Please do keep posting to keep us informed of your progress.  If you could post pictures and accounts of what you're doing, I'm sure others would love to know as well!  Smile  Posting in our Community would be wonderful, if you wouldn't mind...if you'd like, we could open up a "mosaics" area for the purpose, as we'd definitely like to expand to other areas besides stitching.

What an absolutely ingenious idea!

Hi everyone


I think that they believe that they are an item.. :p No other male dog may play with my girl if Charlie is around.. And she is not happy if other female dogs wants to play with him.. :p

I know that it is not good to give the animals human emotions, and human behavior, but it sometimes look like they are soooo jealous of each other.. Very fun to watch..

Oh yes... It will be a great time to start.. Cheesy  
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