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So what's up? Here's what we're working on...
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So what's up? Here's what we're working on...
February 13, 2016 at 2:42:22 PM
Hi, Everyone.

We just wanted to update all of you about what's going on on our end and let you know some of our near-term goals.

First, we continue to be amazed at the response and excitement we hear from freePatternWizard users.  We're thrilled that you find it useful and will continue to support and add new features to the free version as well as add some new Premier ones too.

I've recently completely re-written the main "smarts" of the program to adapt it for use by a very large, international company.  I can't begin to tell you what this does to the future of the program!  The new software will make the program much more versatile.  It'll also make it much easier to add many of the features on which we've planned.

In addition to the company for whom we adapted the software, we've also been approached by several users/companies who have additional ideas and uses other than stitching.  The new re-write that is done will make this a lot easier too.

We've been making a new feature list for the last month or so and have moved some of them high on the development list but I can't say yet which ones will come first.

Now the near-near-term...

We're going to be upgrading server hardware and operating software over the next 2-3 weeks.  We'll try our best not to take anything down in the process.  We may have to turn off new registrations for an hour or so at some point while we do final transfers but we'll let you know at the Stitchboard home page and at the top of the freePatternWizard page.  We'll be doing the upgrades here on a local server before bringing it live on the larger hardware.  We hope to have this phase done by the end of February.

After this upgrade, we're going to finish improving the emailer so our email delivery rate should be near 100%.  We also hope to have this complete late February or early March.

I haven't forgotten about generating and posting several little videos that show various program features.  Eventually there'll be a video showing every feature but we'll be posting the more useful ones first.

And, oh, yeah, then the updates will begin again.  We're really excited to start enabling some new things.  There are both free and Premier features coming and we'll bring them as fast as possible.  Also, we try to really listen to everyone and bring the features asked for first.

One other major change coming will be a whole new rewrite, look, and functionality of the mall.  More details about this later but it will be much more buyer and seller friendly!

So keep using the program!  Send us pictures of your finished work!  We love to hear from you!


TL;DR: We're maintaining and upgrading the site and working on new features to give you much more exciting content!

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Re: So what's up? Here's what we're working on...
February 13, 2016 at 3:33:18 PM  (in response to Stitchboard Support message #1)
WOW, Terry!

These upgrades sound awesome!  Looking forward to seeing the implementation of some of these new great features!

Thank you for providing such a wonderful resources for us stitchers. 

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