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Hello from Western MA!
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Jul 16, 2015
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Hello from Western MA!
July 17, 2015 at 11:56:42 AM
I am very, very new here.  I have used the pattern generator on a picture of my grandbaby's feet.  My intention is to make it into a needlepoint on 14 mono canvas.  Unfortunately, I haven't done needlepoint in over 30 years!  Additionally, I've only done painted canvas.  I am confused as to how to use the pattern.  Do I tape the different pages together?  I am so happy I found this community!


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Re: Hello from Western MA!
July 18, 2015 at 2:40:40 AM  (in response to hrw123 message #1)

Welcome!  Smile

Though the freePatternWizard isn't set up for needlepoint at the moment, my guess is you can do just fine with it set for cross stitch, since needlepoint is kind of half of a cross stitch.  Smile

You could tape the pages together, but if it gets too unwieldy, you may want to page back and forth...the problem is that printers these days aren't meant to print huge patterns.  So the patterns have to be paged for PDF output, which is why charts turn into a lot of pages.

I'm guessing the "how" of charted needlepoint is similar to cross stitch...e.g., working out from the center, starting with the lightest colors.  At any rate, that's the way I would work.  If you've never done cross stitch before, perhaps you could start with a small, simple pattern (thankfully, there are tons of them available online for free!), then move on to your charted needlepoint pattern once you know how to work from the center out.

Hope that helps!  Smile

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