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"Stray pixel clean-up"?
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Feb 22, 2015
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JMSwartz message #1
"Stray pixel clean-up"?
February 25, 2015 at 7:47:14 PM
I'm working on creating a x-stitch pattern from a photograph.  What does "stray pixel clean-up" mean?  (FWIW - it would be very helpful to have all of the selections on the pattern page hyper-linked to a definition/explanation of what each means.)


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Re: "Stray pixel clean-up"?
February 25, 2015 at 11:56:44 PM  (in response to JMSwartz message #1)
Welcome!  Smile

We do have an FAQ section in the freePatternWizard, and "stray pixel clean-up" is explained a bit there.  Smile  This generally refers to images that are compressed (usually .jpgs) and those images have stray noise or pixels, which are often read by the freePatternWizard as stitches.  That's why your best bet is generally to go with a .gif, .png, or .tiff image, which wouldn't be compressed and wouldn't need stray pixel clean-up.  (However, saving a .jpg to one of those formats is not a proper solution.)

Anyway, I'll be happy to let Terry (Support) know of your suggestion to hyperlink explanations of features.  Smile

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