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It's greenjesse
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Dec 28, 2014
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Greenjesse message #1
It's greenjesse
December 30, 2014 at 6:26:10 PM
Hi! I've been crochetting for 5 years. Just now started getting into graphghans. Super excited to use the pattern wizard so that I can make these works of art! Instead of explaining everything I can do I'll just say everything that I have yet to learn. Tunisian crochet! No idea lol. One day. Filet crochet is another I haven't attempted. I also haven't tried c2c yet either. I'm starting to learn to knit and have picked up Knooking (knitting with a crochet hook and string). I have an etsy shop but here lately I've been doing most of my crochet for fun. I'm a stay at home mom of two beautiful girls which makes crochetting more fun bc I can make cute little hats and things for them. My current project is a rhombus afghan in piecing together rhombus by rhombus. You can never have too many afghans!

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Re: It's greenjesse
December 30, 2014 at 10:48:14 PM  (in response to Greenjesse message #1)
Greenjesse (what a great name!),

Welcome!  So glad you're finding the freePatternWizard helpful!  Smile

Tunisian crochet is a lot of fun...I think you'll like it!  Filet is definitely interesting...and not difficult at all.  Smile  C2C is fun, too...I recently made a set of dishcloths with the c2c technique.  Knooking is something I haven't tried, but it looks fascinating!  Smile  I've (so far) only knit with conventional knitting needles.

So do you sell crocheted items in your Etsy shop?

Awww, how cool that you can make cute crocheted items for your girls!  Kiss

Do you have any pics of your rhombus afghan to make us all drool?  Wink  That sounds interesting...and I completely agree, you can never have too many afghans!  Kiss

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Re: It's greenjesse
December 31, 2014 at 9:12:19 AM  (in response to Greenjesse message #1)
Hi Greenjesse,

Welcome to the boards. Smile Hope you do post pics, and comments on the boards as well.

I haven't done any filet in years, but the c2c is a great "go to" pattern if you need to whip up a quick baby blanket. Wink


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