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Question about the pattern info for crochet graphghan
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Oct 14, 2014
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MJWINS message #1
Question about the pattern info for crochet graphghan
October 15, 2014 at 9:15:01 AM

I understand the sybols, and the color description, but what exactly do the numbers mean under color?



Also, is there a particular brand yarn I should go with to find these colors?

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Re: Question about the pattern info for crochet graphghan
October 16, 2014 at 1:20:14 AM  (in response to MJWINS message #1)
Welcome!  Smile

Since you're trying to make a crochet graphghan, I would say to run your chart again through the freePatternWizard, but this time, don't use the Stitchboard Full Palette, as you'll never be able to find all of those colors in yarn.  Change the palette to the Stitchboard Basic Palette.  The Stitchboard Basic Palette has light, medium and dark shades of the most basic colors, plus a few more "unusual" colors that don't really fit in.  Sadly (but understandably), yarn manufacturers aren't interested in producing palettes of hundreds of colors, as they'd probably be left with hundreds of skeins that wouldn't sell very well, just to get that certain shade of green or blue someone might need here and there.

The brand of yarn depends on your preferences.  There are different types of fibers, and also, some may have more color choices than others.  Some people prefer wool, which is pricier, and some prefer acrylic, both for the savings and ease of laundering.  Smile

Hope that helps!  Smile

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