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Regarding Internet Explorer Version 10 and 11 hanging when trying to create a pattern
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Regarding Internet Explorer Version 10 and 11 hanging when trying to create a pattern
August 12, 2014 at 6:44:00 PM
Hi, Everyone.

After spending several days trying to come up with a fix to a "system hanging" problem when using Internet Explorer versions 10 and 11, it turns out that the problem was caused by an update from Microsoft.  The symptom is that your computer hangs/locks up when trying to create a pattern.  As of August 4, Microsoft recognizes the problem, but as of today (August 12, they're still working on a solution).

For anyone interested, here is a link at the Microsoft web site showing that they're trying to figure out a solution.  (See "Issue 3" at this page.) Many Internet Explorer users have been having this problem here at the freePatternWizard and many other sites.

It relates to the way a pdf is sent to the browser on-the-fly from a web program.  That's why you can see pdf files at some web sites (i.e. clicking on a pdf link) but still have problems at other sites that "stream" pdf files to you automatically (like the freePatternWizard)

Until Microsoft comes up with a fix and another update, I'll temporarily create a different way of handling the pdf files for Internet Explorer 10 and 11 users.  This will temporarily solve the problem.  It won't be a great or pretty solution, and will involve one additional step, but at least people will not have the system hanging problem.

Then when I determine that Microsoft has sent out an update fixing this, I'll revert the freePatternWizard to the way it is now.

So please give me a day or so to implement something here.  I'll sense whether you're using Internet Explorer and if so, give you a link to click on to get your pdf.

One message from Microsoft:


Hi folks.

We are aware of issues with Internet Explorer 9,10 and 11 after installing KB2962872.

We have updated the KB with the symptoms of the issues we are aware of. Our investigation is ongoing. 

Thanks and regards.

Mark Feetham Senior Program Manager Internet Explorer Product Quality


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