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Hello to Everyone!
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Jun 15, 2014
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JLinz77 message #1
Hello to Everyone!
July 26, 2014 at 11:30:24 PM
Hi to all! The name's J Linz and I guess you can say that I'm in between beginner and intermediate as far as crocheting goes! I completely forgot that I created a profile back in June; my interests are starting to overlap each other as far as projects. 

I started crocheting about ten years ago but never took the time to hone the skill down until six months ago. I've completed about four or five small projects that I'm proud of but it made me realize that I have a lot of room to grow!

I tracked this site down due to my hunt for specific patterns; I wasn't a fan of paying someone a ridiculous price for a pattern (I have no problem paying someone for their work, though). I think I've created two patterns so far, one definite; once I start working on them, I will gladly share them!  

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Jul 1, 2009
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Re: Hello to Everyone!
July 26, 2014 at 11:51:13 PM  (in response to JLinz77 message #1) happy you found us!  Smile

Please feel free to post pictures of your work so we can all drool!  Small projects are always nice...I like to have a lot of small projects going, as well as a few larger ones, because then if I get bored, there's something small to pick up that's more realistic to finish.

There are people I know who work on small projects exclusively, such as scarves...this way, they know it's something they'll always finish.  Smile

What larger item(s) are you thinking of making, and what kinds of small projects have you already made?

Anyway, so glad you stopped by and posted!  Kiss

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