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v2.12.0 International paper size support
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v2.12.0 International paper size support
May 22, 2014 at 3:09:34 PM
In addition to the updates mentioned in this message, I'll detail the international paper size support a bit more in this post.

This version of the freePatternWizard now supports the following paper sizes:

letter, legal, ledger

A3, A4, A5, A6
B5, B6
C3, C4, C5
Publishing formats: Royal Octavo, Crown Quarto

That's currently 14 different formats.  I should also say that if you feel I should add support of an additional paper size, please let me know.  It's now very fast and easy to add new sizes.

The PatternWizard does its best to adjust the number of rows and columns that it feels will fit on each format.  You'll get a lot more stitches across on A4 paper than you do on A6 (or more on ledger than letter).  This is all done automatically.

It also normally splits beading charts so the bead counts on each page are an even 5 bead rows and columns.  (So a page may have 80, 85, 90, etc. beads across or down but currently not something like 87 or 88).  It splits crochet, cross stitch and knitting into 10-stitch blocks.  (So a page may contain 10, 20, 30 stitches across but not currently 12 or 22).  This will change in the near future as I add the optional feature to have it try to eliminate pages with only a few rows or columns.

Symbol and text font sizes also vary depending on paper size.

The margins and number of key (symbols/colors/counts) lines also vary depending on paper size.

You can select a paper size in Section 7 by using the dropdown paper size menu.  To permanently save a preferred paper size, use the right Settings tab.  Be sure to save your settings once you make your selection.  Starting the next time you bring up the PatternWizard, it will default to your desired paper size.  You can always temporarily override your paper size setting by using the dropdown menu in section 7.

I have tested all the different sizes but there may be some problems that I need to address so let me know (through either the Community "Whoops, I found a bug" area or by using the side "Suggestions" tab.

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