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v2.12.0 Bug fixes, enhancements, new bead border option in pdfs
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v2.12.0 Bug fixes, enhancements, new bead border option in pdfs
May 22, 2014 at 2:52:26 PM
It's time for the next update!  And first, let me state that I totally expect some new bugs to appear so don't panic if something doesn't work right or something looks wrong.  The best thing would be to report problems using the community area Whoops! I found a bug! or simply use the side comments and suggestions tab in the freePatternWizard.  Those messages come right to me.  As soon as I can see problems, I can fix them.

Over the past few weeks I've wound up rewriting pdf pattern generating programs to better support many of the future additions, including today's addition of international paper sizes.  (More information regarding the international paper support is detailed in this message).  I've tested the new version by generating over 2,000 pdf patterns in varying option configurations.  Unfortunately there are literally thousands of combinations so I can't test them all.  (And my test pattern generating does not count in the "Patterns Generated" count on the home page.  The count shown there reflects actual successful patterns generated by users other than us).

I'll detail the new international paper size in a separate message but here's a summary of some of the other changes in this version:

  • Fixed a bug where ez-read option showed up as an option in some pdf configurations
  • Rebuilt the beading peyote rectangular graphic
  • Closed all open beads on the right and bottom in pdfs
  • Made pdf grid lines easier to see by widening them a bit and using a better red color
  • Corrected bug where there was no 5-stitch grid in certain configurations in pdfs
  • Added shading to top and left margins of cross stitch pdfs
  • Cleaned up all grid line looks and positioning
  • Added an optional bead border
  • Fixed a bunch of other bugs and formatting problems
  • Probably created a handful of new bugs but I'll fix them as soon as I know about them!

Regarding the new bead border option, you can either select to have a border around your bead chart on pdfs or not.  This can be permanently set in the Settings option at the right.  You can also override this setting in the Output Format and Options section 7.  The default is to show a border but you can uncheck the box if you want to turn it off.  Note that in this version, there is not a border around the pdf preview thumbnail image on the cover sheet.  This currently only affects a border around the actual beading chart.

What is not in this update but coming (among other things):

I needed to get the new paper formatting up and running before addressing the pages with only a few stitch rows or columns.  This will be addressed next.  I will also be adding a new word chart option as well as a way to show overlapping rows and columns to easier keep track of how each page fits together.

And much more to come!

Let me know what problems you find so I can fix them as quicly as possible.

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