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v2.11.5 Updated translations
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v2.11.5 Updated translations
May 20, 2014 at 11:27:44 PM
In preparation of bringing a new version live, I just updated the 15 language translations to include some text for future options.  The internals also now recognize all the new paper sizes and I'll be turning on the option to choose your desired size when I update the rest of the program.

I'll be bringing up a new version tomorrow or the next day that will include 14 paper sizes, several cleanups in pdf's, an optional border, several bug fixes, and more.  More details when I bring it live.

This new version contains a large re-write of the pdf code and now supports the addition of several new features.

I'll say beforehand that there will probably be a few new bugs once I turn it live but I'll fix them as fast as they crop up.  The basic look of the program will be the same for a little while longer until I have more of the basic features running.  Eventually the looks will be entirely different, and simpler.  Again, more about this later.

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