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v2.11.3 Small update to help Chrome users
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v2.11.3 Small update to help Chrome users
May 7, 2014 at 1:08:15 PM
I received a problem report from a member using the Chrome browser stating they did not see a file popup window when trying to select their file to upload in section 1.

I just made a small update that fixes this potential problem.  It seems some Chrome users are fine but I'm more concerned about any others that had this problem and never said anything.  As of April 9, Google made some changes that affected this.

Anyway, the issue is fixed.

As of this morning I'm back to finalizing the formatting of the international paper sizes and hope to bring this live very soon.  I have also just fixed a couple more major issues in the process and have now fixed about 10 or 12 problems and added 3 new features.  All these fixes will be in the new version I turn on in a day or so.  I'll bring the new features live one at a time to be sure things stay working.  Watch for them soon.

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