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v2.10.16 Fixed a pattern download problem
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v2.10.16 Fixed a pattern download problem
April 4, 2014 at 1:32:35 PM
Thanks to member, Clare, for pointing out a download problem when creating a pattern on the screen, I just made a small update.

When I added the support for languages other than English, I created a problem with the screen-generated pattern download function.  When you clicked on the "Download pattern" button, it simply returned you to the Stitchboard home page.

I just corrected the problem and now you can download the screen patterns again.  Sorry!

By the way, the non-English language support is now built in but I need to do some final testing and loading of translations before I'll turn it on.  (I've been testing the patternWizard in French.)  You'll eventually be able to choose different languages in your "Settings" tab at the right of the screen.  It's not quite ready yet but all the code is in the program.  Once I enable it, I'll ask everyone to point out any incorrect translations so I can fine-tune the various translations, but it initially should be pretty close.

So as I always ask everyone, please let me know if you find a problem so I can fix it.

And thanks again, Clare!

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