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v2.8.0 Added image rotation
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v2.8.0 Added image rotation
February 3, 2014 at 1:58:20 PM
We've had many requests to be able to rotate your image and create a pattern on its side.

I just added a rotation feature which allows you to rotate your image 90 degrees to the right, rotate it another 90 degrees so it's upside down, and another 90 degrees so, in effect, it's rotated left 90 degrees.

To use this feature, first check the box next to "Rotate Image:" in section 8, and then choose your desired rotation amount by clicking on one of the radio buttons; either 90, 180, or 270 degrees.

Following are some examples:

Original Image Rotated 90° Rotated 180° Rotated 270°

Note that rotating your image 180 degrees is actually different than flipping it vertically.  Rotating the image 180 degrees keeps the image completely the same, just upside down.  Flipping it vertically is like creating a mirror image. 

Original Image Rotated 180° Flipped Vertically

This version also has several internal additions which are in preparation of adding more new features.

I also fixed some more bugs (more fixes still to do).

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