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v2.7.7 Added new "swirl" function
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v2.7.7 Added new "swirl" function
January 10, 2014 at 8:07:40 PM
In addition to cleaning up some screen formatting, and in preparation of adding new image manipulation options, I just added a fun, new "swirl" image enhancement function in section 8.

In most cases you won't use this option, but if you want to play around with an image (like make a drawing of a pumpkin scarier), you might want to play around with this new option.

Below is an example of a pumpkin drawing, along with 3 various levels of "swirl" applied to it:

The "swirl" function also works on regular photos and images, not just drawings and does the swirling from the center of the image.

Again, you normally would have a reason to use this function but it's the first of a bunch of upcoming "fun" enhancements.

To use it, simply use the slide bar in section 8 called "Swirl", or if your browser does not support the slide bar, simply enter a value in the box.  The value of 0 disables the swirling.  Any value between 1 and 359 varies the rotation amount.

Have fun!

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