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Colour Chart References
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Jan 3, 2014
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scarletleonard message #1
Colour Chart References
January 6, 2014 at 2:05:27 PM

I used your wonderful pattern wizard to make a lovely pattern for my project.
The final project is peyote done in delicas however while I was playing with all the options to get the pattern out the other end as I saw it in my head, to get the right colours I had to use the stitchboard pallet rather than the delica pallet (delica colours made the image look more sepia than full colour)

Now I have finally got to the point of buying my beads, so I thought I would come looking for a referance sheet that matches up the different colours from each pallet rather than relying on the by eye method between the PDF and my suppliers website.

Is there such a chart? or will I have to do it by eye?


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Jul 1, 2009
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Stitchboard Admin message #2
Re: Colour Chart References
January 6, 2014 at 10:42:58 PM  (in response to scarletleonard message #1)

Thanks for writing!  Smile

The Stitchboard palette is more of a modified DMC palette (embroidery floss) than a beadinig palette.  Thus, there's no chart available of Stitchboard-to-Delica colors.

The problem with assigning values to bead colors is those colors can't be classified as easily as something like embroidery floss, as beads have different finishes, and some of those finishes can produce results that a computer program can't really match, such as an AB finish.

It's possible to assign your own Delica colors (option 5b), though if you don't choose enough colors, your palette will be too limited and won't provide optimal results.

I'm sorry that this answer is probably quite unhelpful.  I guess my best suggestion would be to take the Delica values the program assigns to your photo and use that as a stepping off point to change some of them to brighter colors that you think are more suitable and make the final beaded version of the picture less sepia-toned.

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Re: Colour Chart References
January 6, 2014 at 11:14:08 PM  (in response to Stitchboard Admin message #2)
Hi Scarlet.

I think Melanie has a good idea.  You could select the beading category and tell it you'll choose your own colors in section 5.  Then select the ones you like by checking the little corner box in each color you want.  You could, if you wanted, only choose bright colors.  In most cases the PatternWizard will choose the correct colors.  (Maybe changing a dull red to a bright one, a light teal to dark blue, etc., depending on what you give it to work with.)


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Jan 3, 2014
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scarletleonard message #4
Re: Colour Chart References
January 7, 2014 at 8:46:55 AM  (in response to Stitchboard Admin message #2)
Thanks for the reply.

I understand that the beads have different finishes and are harder to classify, though I wasn't looking for a direct this colour matches this bead. More just a page that shows the entire pallet as it is listed on your site that I could view/print off

That way I could match the colour swatches from the pattern to what the computer thinks are the delica colours. Giving me a starting point with the same point of reference. Because undoubtably the colour in the swatch of the pattern isn't going to match any photos on my suppliers website at all.  

I didn't see running it though again as an option, I tried lots of different variations to get the pattern right. Even with more colours selected it was as if the colours didn't exist. (25 colour max actually only spat out 20 delica colours and it still wouldn't put the blue in favouring a dark brown.) 

I have just spoken with my supplier though. They have very kindly offered to help pick out the colours for me from the swatches on the pattern so the web image descrepencies can be avoided. 

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Jul 1, 2009
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Stitchboard Support message #5
Re: Colour Chart References
January 7, 2014 at 2:33:21 PM  (in response to scarletleonard message #1)
Ok Scarlet.

A few notes for the future:

1. I'll be adding the ability to save your settings so once you get an image producing a good chart, you'll be able to remember everything so in the future you could recall them and start where you left off.  This will make it easier if you've tried several times to finally find your optimal settings.

2. Because of your inquiry, you got me thinking that I can actually use the PatternWizard smarts to produce some conversion charts.  I won't know how well that works until I actually try it.  Point is that internally it knows how to locate a "nearest" color so in theory I could feed it both the stitchboard and a second palette and have it tell me the closest match by producing a conversion chart.

I'll be contuing to fix problems and slowly add new features.  I have a list of over 100 new features to add.  Just a matter of time while I'm bringing up other new site features.


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Jan 3, 2014
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scarletleonard message #6
Re: Colour Chart References
January 7, 2014 at 4:15:08 PM  (in response to Stitchboard Support message #5)
Thanks Terry

Saving settings will be very useful Smiley If my beadwork does the pattern any justice I can see me wanting to try more.  

This may be a little knowledge creates stupidity thing to say but...
Working with my limited knowledge but I assume every colour in every pallet has a hexcode or similar to tell the system what colour to put on the screen. to me it seems a matter of finding which hexcodes match to be able to say colour 003 on pallet one is the same code as colour 372 on pallet 2. 

I know the feeling from building my website for every one thing you cross off the list, another 20 crop up. Something is wrong when you can look at it and say there thats finished.  

Maybe next time I will find that there was a combination I didn't try this time and get the right output and all this will be irrelivant.

It is still a fantastic system as is and you deserve many congratulations for it to offer it as a free resource is saintly because of the time and effort you have and continue put in.  

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