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Yarn Craft Academy Live ( Class: Intro to Blocking
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Yarn Craft Academy Live ( Class: Intro to Blocking
May 23, 2013 at 1:55:49 PM
Yarn Craft Academy Live ( Class: Intro to Blocking with Johnny Vasquez

I was very excited about taking this class on blocking.  In my opinion as a longtime knitter/crocheter, one can never be too rich, too thin or know too much about finishing methods for knitting and crochet!

In this class, Johnny covered wet blocking, steam blocking and towel blocking, plus, he specifically covered lace blocking.  He answered numerous questions from people about blocking various fibers, since some fibers are sturdier and some are much more fragile and/or prone to felting.  Fortunately, there were some taking the class who were quite knowledgeable about blocking, and they generously shared their expertise.

It was nice to see the various methods and how they work from start to finish.  Often, when actually blocking, waiting for items to dry can make one lose track of the look of the beginning item, but for these purposes, there was no waiting time for drying and the results were quite timely, shown before one could lose track of the look of the beginning item.

The clips were very specific, easy to follow and the questions and answers were very informative.  This class is offered as bonus content for New Stitch A Day paid members, rather than a standalone class that can be purchased, so if you're interested, by all means, join and be prepared to find the perfect method for blocking your knitted and crocheted items!

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