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v 2.37 Changed pattern print function
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v 2.37 Changed pattern print function
May 6, 2013 at 5:24:53 PM
In addition to a few minor programming fixes, I just made a change to the way the pattern print function works.

When creating patterns on the screen, you will only see a "Print Pattern" button when the pattern is small enough to fit on a single page of paper.

If the pattern is larger than a single sheet, we suggest one of the following two options:
  1. Download the created pattern and use a "paint" program to split it up and print it.  Note, for example, that Windows Paint will automatically do this.
  2. Create a .pdf pattern instead and simply print the final .pdf pattern

The reason we don't have a function built in to split the pattern up into smaller pieces is becaus there's really no format and print standard between all the platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, etc.)



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