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Re: Tunisian stockinette
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Re: Tunisian stockinette
February 19, 2010 at 1:23:30 PM


Thanks!  That's very helpful...and leads to another question.  When you're talking straights, is it correct to say you're talking exclusively about the double-ended straights?  In other words, it is absolutely not possible to accomplish Tunisian in the round with the old single ended afghan hooks?

Not at all, it is my obviously strong bias that having double ended is more useful as it then gives me a great deal of versatility - so with the additional of a stopper of some sort, one can do all the various stitch patterns without needing two set of needles.

This is eapecially helpful when working on a FreeFormation type piece.

What types of projects did you have in mind?


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Re: Tunisian stockinette
February 19, 2010 at 2:33:35 PM

I was thinking of making some smaller/narrower items in the round, using the few unflooded old hooks I have left (for now).  A couple of these hooks are short ones, which weren't much good for anything other than scarves or afghan strips before.  I was thinking wrist warmers, for instance.  LOL, but I can't wrap my brain about how that might be possible...if it is!

It would also be nice for a larger piece, say an afghan "square" crocheted in the round, so it's automatically two thicknesses.

How fantastic, to think this might be accomplished with the old single-ended type of hook!  Smiley

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