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Helpful hint #2 to creating really great patterns: image sizes
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Helpful hint #2 to creating really great patterns: image sizes
June 13, 2011 at 10:10:19 PM
Problem: Cropping vs not cropping your image.

Solution: This issue is a bit more complex.

First, the smaller the image, the better for creating a pattern.

However, the larger the subject matter is in your image, the better your pattern will turn out.

An example: let's say you have a picture of your favorite relative water-skiing.  This is a full picture of your relative, with a lot of background also in the picture.

Unless it's a really compelling background, and your relative's face is a huge moon pie, your relative's face will likely turn out more like a faceless blob in your pattern (after all, how many moon pies do you know?).  If you specifically want a pattern of your relative's face, you're best off cropping the image, perhaps to just show their face.  As the Free Pattern Wizard currently doesn't offer cropping, this is something you can do yourself within any graphics program (and for those of you using Windows, the Windows Photo Gallery offers a "crop" option).  If your original image is clear, your pattern should turn out nicely.

Ideally, the rule of thumb is to use the smallest possible image, with the largest possible desired subject matter within the picture.  And since a picture speaks so much better than words:

There's nothing at all wrong with the original image here; if you're only looking to make a pattern of an unknown water skier, it might need a bit of cropping, but not much.  If, however, you wanted more detail of the water skier, then cropping the image can give you a nice frame (as in the rightmost image of the three), and if you really want your pattern to show a closeup of the person's face, then the bottommost image of the three is the best way to crop it.

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