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v 2.12 Disabled .gif "Upload Pattern to Sell" function
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v 2.12 Disabled .gif "Upload Pattern to Sell" function
June 10, 2011 at 9:37:46 PM
We thought about it and decided to disable the function that allows you to upload your created .gif patterns to sell.

You can still upload .gif patterns to share in our free area.

You have two choices if you want to upload patterns to sell.

1. The easiest is to create your pattern in .pdf format (change the output to pdf, in step 7 of the FreePatternWizard).  Then save your pattern.  Finally, use the pulldown top menu under "patterns"/"upload a pattern", select "For Sale", and give it the name of your pdf file that you just saved.

2. If you already have a .gif pattern that's in a salable and usable format, use the same "patterns"/"upload a pattern" menu option, and give it your .gif file name.

The reason we decided to disable this function is that the PatternWizard may create a pattern with lots of colors that are very similar if you don't limit the number of colors, and many of the colors may not be different enough to distinguish.  We want to be sure the patterns for sale are of high quality.  As long as you use symbols in the pdfs, you will not create a pattern with this potential issue.

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