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Creating a Showcase - Page 1 - Image Upload
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Creating a Showcase - Page 1 - Image Upload
June 4, 2011 at 12:39:03 PM
As I explained in a previous section, from your Showcase Main Home page, you can click on the "Create My Own Showcase" button to begin creating a showcase.  When you click on the button, the first page you'll see is the image upload page.


This page serves three functions
1. Approve the terms and conditions
2. Enter your image file names to upload
3. Perform the image upload(s)

At the top of the page is a list of current terms and conditions.  Basically it lays out the operation of the showcase, tells you that the work you do must be your own, unless you give credit to the pattern author, the images remain your property, we won't do anything with your images, we welcome you to link to your showcase, and an explanation is made of the optional premium service of adding your own "ad" and link to your web site.  These terms and conditions will change from time to time so you'll see this section any time you begin a new showcase.  Once you approve them by checking the checkbox, the terms will minimize.  You also will not see them again while editing and re-editing this particular showcase.

Below the terms and conditions are input boxes that allow you to enter your image file names.  Depending on your particular browser, you may click inside a box, or need to click the "Browse" button to see files on your computer.  Simply locate an image on your computer that you wish to upload, and double-click on it, or press "Open", again, depending on your browser.  The image file name should now be in the box. 

Repeat this step for as many images as you wish to include in your showcase.  The current limit is 20.  If you later come back to this page before submitting for publishing, it will show the number you have already uploaded, and give you fewer "file name" boxes, so you never total more than 20.

The file upload function is very much protected by browsers, to protect you from outside computers being able to see your disk.  So, they also limit what you can and cannot do on this page.  Because of that, many browsers will not let you simply erase a file name once you place it into a box.  Some do.  If you have such a browser, and you have entered a file that you decide you really don't want, click on the red "X" to clear the file name.

As you enter your file names, the system makes sure the images are in a proper format that we accept.  It tells you immediately with a small pop-up window that the file is in an incorrect format.

Once you're done entering all your images, click on the "Continue" button.

Below that, you'll see a small, spinning circle to indicate that the computer is uploading your images.  Depending on the number of images, sizes, and connection speed, this process will take anywhere from a second or two to a minute or more.

Once the upload is complete, our system does some additional checking.  It resizes your images down to our maximum display size, which is currently 750x525.  If your image is smaller than this, the size will not change.

Once it processes your images, it brings you to the Sorting page.

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