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Creating a Showcase - Page 2 - Image Sort
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Creating a Showcase - Page 2 - Image Sort
June 4, 2011 at 12:38:06 PM
The next step after uploading your image(s) is to sort them.


Assuming you've just uploaded multiple images (we suggest at least 6 or 7 images in your showcase), you'll be shown small thumbnail images.  If this is a subsequest image upload process, you'll also see previously uploaded images.

This page allows you to sort them into the desired order in which they will show in your presentation.

To sort them, simply use your mouse to drag and drop them into any order you want. 

Drag and Drop: For newer users, point to an image you want to move, click and hold your left mouse button.  While holding the button down, move your mouse around.  The image will move around.  Drag the image into the position you want, then let up on the button.

The order in which they'll show will be what you see on the screen going left to right, top to bottom.  In other words, the upper left image will be shown first.  The image to the right of that will be second.  And so on.

Here's a note that you'll need to know in a later step, but it relates to this page...

Your showcase can be built four ways.

  • The system can create a title page for you and show your showcase title, optionally your username, and an optional copyright notice

  • You can actually upload a graphic title page that you create, possibly with a title, copyright notice, etc.

  • Similarly, the system can create a "The End" page at the end (imagine that Smiley) of your showcase, optionally including your copyright notice

  • Or you can create your own graphic "The End" page

So, if you decide to make your own title page and/or end page, and have uploaded them, the sorting page is used to place your title graphic image at the beginning, and your ending page, well, at the end.

When you're done sorting, you shuld be able to glance at this page and see graphically how your showcase will be presented.

I should also point out another tip:

While creating and editing your showcase, near the top will be a "breadcrumb" bar showing all the showcase steps.  The current step you're working on is shown in white.  The pages you've already visited will be bold and bluish.  The pages you have not visited yet will be sort of grayed out.  At any point along the way, you're welcome to click on any of these links to pages you've visited, to return to a previous page and update something.  So if you're on the Sort page, you can click on the "Upload Images" words in the breadcrumbs bar and it'll save your current sorted order, and return you to the file uploads page, allowing you to add more images.

Also another tip:

While sorting, if you ever decide you don't want a particular image, simply click on the small red "x" and that image will be removed.

When you're happy with the order (and again, you can re-sort later too), click on the "Use This Order" button, and you'll be brought to the Description page.

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