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Creating a Showcase - Page 3 - Enter Descriptions
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Creating a Showcase - Page 3 - Enter Descriptions
June 4, 2011 at 12:37:02 PM
Ok, so you've uploaded your images, sorted them, and have now come to the Descriptions page.


The Descriptions page will now show your images in your sorted order, and ask you to enter a brief description for each image.  This is actually optional, but it's an area that makes your presentation a bit more personal, since you can tell things like how it was made, how you use it, etc.

You can enter up to 255 characters for each description.

These descriptions will show at the bottom of each image.


You could also use the description as a title for your image.  Or you could have both a title and description.

To display a longer description, the system will shorten the image.  So a long description on a skinny image could "eat" an inch off of the bottom of it.  In most cases, this isn't a problem.  Wider images tend not to have any problems with a full 255 characters fitting below them, without losing the bottom.

You'll also note that this page also has a small red "x" that allows you to click and delete an image.

When you're done describing (or titling) your images, click on the "Done With Descriptions" button to proceed to the Choose Music page.

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