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Creating a Showcase - Page 5 - Enter Other Info - Part 2
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Creating a Showcase - Page 5 - Enter Other Info - Part 2
June 4, 2011 at 12:26:06 PM
For those who would like to use their showcase for promotional purposes, we welcome that.  And we've tried to make it easy.


Since the showcase is new, we have an introductory rate of $5 for the first 3 months of promotional use.  After that point, the cost will be somewhat higher, but we'll try to keep it low!  If you wish to take advantage of our introductory rate and pay for an entire year, the cost is only $40.

Once you pay your fee (Paypal), we set you up as a promotional showcase member.

At this point, you can add links to a web site of your choice.

The bottom of the "Enter Other Info" page allows you to enter pertinent information.

First, we'll need your email address that you want your Paypal invoice sent to.  We will send you an invoice, at which time you pay it, and we then enable your "promotional member" status.

The next option allows you to enter a URL for the showcase to link to.  A link will be available when your final "The End" frame is shown.  Also, this frame stays on the screen as long as the viewer keeps your showcase open so they have plenty of time to read text there.  If they click on this final frame and you have entered a URL, they will be brought to your web site.

Finally, the last item allows you to enter promotional ("ad") text that will be included on the final ending frame if the showcase system is creating the page.

So you have two options for the final frame:

1. You can have the system create it for you, showing your promotional ("ad") text, a copyright notice, and a "click here to visit my web site" message.  This last frame is clickable and upon clicking, the user will be brought to your web site.  If you want this method, choose "Automatically Created Text" for the "Last Image for your Showcase Will be" option, enter your link URL, and optionally enter your promotional ("ad") text.

2. You can create your own graphic final frame, along with any promotional text that you insert into your image.  Select "My Uploaded Image" in the "Last Image for your Showcase Will be" option, and enter your link URL.  Be sure you sort your final frame to the last position in your show.  Now at the end of your show, your final graphic image will be shown, and it will be clickable, to bring the viewer to your web site.

One other note:

As long as you're a "promotional member", you're welcome to insert your web site URL in any of your showcase images.  Just keep in mind that only the last frame will be clickable.

Finally, while showing your presentation, at the top of the screen will be a button that reads, "Visti Showcase Owner's Web Site".  At any time during the show, if someone clicks on this button, the show will pause, and they will be taken to your web site (assuming you have entered your URL).  When they close the window with your web site in it, they'll find that the "Pause" button has changed to "Resume".  Clicking on it will resume the show, right where they left off.

So on to the Preview page...

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