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Creating a Showcase - Page 6 - Preview and Submit
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Creating a Showcase - Page 6 - Preview and Submit
June 4, 2011 at 12:23:33 PM
Now it all comes together...


When you come to this page, you'll see a paragraph that explains a few things.

Regarding music:

Your preview page will probably not have sound.  This is mainly because the system is not sure yet of you're done editing.  If you watch a preview of your show and don't like something, you're free to go back and make changes.  Many of these changes will affect the music.  Rest assured that your final showcase will have music.

If someone has recently created a showcase that happens to use the same song, cut to the same length, you may hear sound, as it might still be in our playing buffer.

So consider the preview as a visual preview, not necessarily with music.

Near the bottom is a small "Preview" button.  When clicked, the screen will change to all black, with a few buttons.

Make Changes to my Showcase: When clicking on this button, you will be brought back to your Preview page.  At this time, click on one of the links in the top "breadcrumbs" bar (Upload Images, Sort Images, Enter Descriptions, Choose Music, or Enter Other Info).

You can then make your desired change(s).  When you're ready to see your preview again, click on the "Preview and Submit" breadcrumb and watch your show again.  We strongly suggest that you always watch your show through the end to be sure nothing else was affected by your change(s).

I'm Happy with it - Submit it as is: When you're please with the final outcome, click on this button.  It warns you that once you submit it for publishing, you'll no longer be able to make changes*.  Once you click on the Ok, your showcase will be submitted.  You'll see a message stating your showcase is in the process of being published.  One of the Stitchboard Admins will approve it, and you'll receive an email telling you that it's live and open to the public.  This process usually takes less than a day.

At this point, if you go back to your Showcase Main Home page, in the "your showcase status" box, you'll see that you have a pending showcase, and it will now allow you to create another showcase.

At this point you're free to go ahead and create another one. 

Once you receive your approval email telling you that your showcase is now open to the public, the "your showcase status" box will then show the "pending showcase" status will have changed to "active showcase".

Congratulations!  That was actually pretty easy.

Once you're used to it, you can create a 20-image showcase from beginning to end in less than 5 minutes!

Have fun!

* Actually you will be able to re-edit your showcase after 30 days.  You'll know this is possible when you see a "Re-Edit" button come up in your "my showcases" area.

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