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Showcase Main Home Page - Your Showcases box
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Showcase Main Home Page - Your Showcases box
June 2, 2011 at 11:54:06 PM
Within this box, you can see and do several things.

If you see the message "No Showcases in the Works", it means you are not currently working on a showcase and you're free to start a new one.  (Currently we have not restricted the maximum number of showcases anyone can have).  This may change in the future, not sure.

So if you see "No Showcases in the Works", you can click on the "Create My Own Showcase" button to begin creating one.  More about this process will be covered later in additional messages.

The "Your Live Showcases" line shows you at a glance how many, and the names of all your showcases that have been published. With each one, you'll have options.  

To temporarily remove a showcase from public view, click on the "Deactivate" button.  This function puts your showcase "on hold".  You can later activate it and it will be live again.

If your showcase has been live for over 30 days, you'll also see an "Re-Edit" button, that will allow you to go back and re-edit this particular showcase.  Note that you can only make changes once every 30 days.  When you edit a showcase, you'll need to submit it again for processing as if you just created it from scratch.

Finally, your other button in this section is to delete your showcase.  By clicking on the "Delete" button, the system will first warn you that the deletion is permanent, and that even Stitchboard Administrators cannot recover it.  If you tell it to proceed in the deletion, the system will permanently remove your showcase, including your images, descriptions, etc.  Note that the delete process removes only one showcase.  If you have multiple showcases, it will only delete the one that the button refers to.

The "Deactivated Showcases" section shows any of your showcases that you've previously put "on hold" using the Deactivate button.

Once you finish creating your showcase and submit it for publishing, it will go into the "Pending" status until a Stitchboard admininstrator processes it.  During this "pending" time, you'll see one or more showcases in this area.

Finally, under the "Other Resources" area will be some additional links and tools related to your showcases.  For example, once you begin creating your showcase, and as long as you have at least one showcase in the works, or published, you'll have access to these tools.  At this time, we have a page that you can go to, and choose banner or text links that you can cut-and-paste into your own web site, blog, store, or wherever else you want, to bring people directly to view your showcase.  For example, you may talk about your work in your blog, and this allows you to place a small banner link onto your page, that, when clicked, will allow your readers to view your showcase.  It opens a separate window so when they're done, they can close it and be right back to your own page.

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