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Orphan stitches
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Orphan stitches
May 3, 2011 at 3:13:35 PM
Question to the forum...

This is one thing that I want to address:

The Pattern Wizard creates a great pattern from an image, BUT depending on the exact number of stitches across and/or rows down, there are often "orphan" rows and/or columns.  Meaning that a pattern may be 4 pages of 35 stitches across and 65 rows down, and then the final 2 pages might be 1 or 2 stitches across by 20 stitches down, or 20 stitches across and 1 row down, etc.

My thought is to take a number (like maybe 3 or 4) and if the final page of the pattern is within this many stitches across or rows down, include it on the previous page.  So it'll greatly cut down the pages with small stitch "thingies" (yes, that's a technical term) hanging on the end.

Once I implement this change (whatever it turns out to be), I'll also add numbering to the final page(s) so you'll know where they connect.

Not sure what other options anyone else thinks of but I'd like the input.



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