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New PatternWizard
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New PatternWizard
April 5, 2011 at 4:17:05 PM
Hi everyone.  I just put our new PatternWizard version 2.00 on the system.

Some notes (in no particular order):

1. The new version will now generate pdf patterns!  (Currently for Cross Stitch, Knitting, and Crochet.)  Beaders can currently generate patterns on the screen, and pdf generation for beaders is coming as fast as I can plug things in to the new software and test it out.

2. When you're going to create a pdf pattern, I suggest you first test it out on the screen.  Make any necessary color, brightness, contrast, etc. changes first, and when you're happy with it, select pdf output in section 7.

3. Whew!  The program is getting more powerful than we had originally planned.  SO, at some point in the near future, I'll create a small operator's manual.  Not that it's complicated.  Just to tell you about all the options and how they work.  I really believe almost anyone can use the software with no instructions other than the screen prompts.

4. If you feel like it, we'd love to have you offer patterns for our free download area.

5. As you'll see, you can also add some pattern information in section 7 which will print on your pdf pattern cover sheet.  If you enter information (like Pattern Name, your email address, etc), it will show on the page.  If you omit certain (or all) items, the line(s) will not show up on your cover sheet.

6. Currently we think this is the fastest pattern generator on the web.  An 8 to 12 page pattern takes only about 5 seconds to generate!  A simple 2-pager takes closer to a second or two.  Keep in mind that the larger your original image is, the longer the upload will take, but the actual pattern generation takes only a few seconds!

7. When generating pdf patterns, you can select either colors only, symbols only, or symbols overlaid on colors.

8. PLEASE let us know if (and when) you find a bug!  I'm sure there are some.  We've been testing and refining this version for almost a month, and have weeded out MANY bugs.

9. We'll at some point have a questionnaire online that will ask what symbols you prefer.  We've created our own symbol font for this program and will be altering it over time.

10. Currently version 2.00 allows up to 212 colors (and it has a full 212 symbols available).  Eventually we'll allow more.

11. As usual, PLEASE suggest changes and additions.  This is only the beginning.  We have several other ideas that we'll be implementing as time permits.

12. And as I've already mentioned, version 2.00 allows beaders to create their charts on the screen, and I'm working on the pdf generation.  I'll be testing that starting today and am not sure yet if it'll be a day or a week (which usually turns out to be two weeks) but we'll get it going ASAP.  We have LOTS more to update on the site!

Have fun!


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