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Site Activity Feed
March 14, 2011 at 10:21:10 PM
So what's the difference between the "Activity Feed Participation" and "Number of Activity Feed Lines" settings in your "my settings" area?

They're very different.

The "Activity Feed Participation" option allows you to opt-out of automatic site activity updating anytime you post a public message in the Community or create a new member blog entry.  Currently we don't show this activity when you reply to a message.  Only when you create a new topic.  Since we only show your new public postings, we have defaulted to show these.  The activity box does not actually give any details other than your member name, where you posted, and how long ago.  Members can click on this activity line and will be brought right to your new post!

The "Number of activity feed lines" option simply sets the number of lines you'll see in the site "Activity Feed" box.  This has nothing to do with whether or not your activity is shown.

For some reason, you may not want to be seen but you may want to see everyone else.  Or you may want people to know about your new posts but don't want to see information on others' posts.  You can do either.  But again, we default to public posts, and 5 lines of site activities being shown.

For your information, to get to these settings, go to your "my settings" area (use the "my area" / "my settings" menus).

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