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If the time on the screen is not correct
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If the time on the screen is not correct
July 19, 2009 at 3:07:18 PM
Our system does not automatically know your time zone, so if you show the incorrect time at the top of the Community page, do the following:

1. This assumes you are a registered member.  If not, sign up!  It's free.
2. Log in.
3. Near the top of the screen, click on PROFILE.
4. At the left will be a "Look and Layout Preferences" option.  Click on this.
5. You will then see a Time Offset option.  The server's time is U.S. Mountain Time so you need to tell it
    how many hours to add or subtract to make the Community screen clock show right for you.  For example,
    U.S. Central Time would be an addition of 1 hour.  MOST of the time you can do a shortcut here and click
    on the words "auto detect", and the system will attempt to enter the correct adjustment for you.
6. When done, click the "Change profile" button at the bottom of the screen.

From now on the Community clock should show correctly.

Note: This has nothing to do with, and will not change your computer clock.  It's only the
Stitchboard Community clock shown near the top of the pages.

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