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v3.7.13 - Added support for .webp images
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v3.7.13 - Added support for .webp images
December 15, 2023 at 10:54:40 PM
I just added support for those who want to use .webp image files.

There are a few different sub-formats within this image configuration so currently you may need to make adjustments to section 7 to get better patterns from webp images.

Currently line drawing .webp images will work better than photos but it really depends on how the image background was saved in the program that created your image.

If you can't get a good pattern, try using a photo editor to load the image and save it in a .png or .jpg format and use that new image.

I'll be making a few adjustments in the future to the better support all the various sub-formats but for now we have basic support.


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