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Hello Everyone!
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Mar 4, 2021
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Chrisbst message #1
Hello Everyone!
October 4, 2021 at 7:17:18 PM
I found this site last year but the weather warmed up.. now I'm back at it.  I am kind of a newbie- I can single, half-double and double crochet.  For my children and grand children I made simple afghans.  Half-double crochet, using Bernat yarns. 

Here is my delemma- I have one grandson who is in the Airforce- I got on line to look for a simple pattern- I found one but can't do it.. it appears to be C2C pattern which I am clueless-
I thought I would put it into the wizard on here to have it switched so it goes by rows, and how many across and when to stop with the main color of blue and pick up the white.. but because the pattern already belongs to a designer I can't use it, which I get it..

How do I find a simple pattern half-double crochet in a 60" wide and 72" long?  I would really appreciate any and all help.. I really would like to get this done for the last grandson before he is shipped out.
Thank you,

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Re: Hello Everyone!
October 4, 2021 at 11:29:24 PM  (in response to Chrisbst message #1)
Welcome! Smile
It's a bit difficult when you need certain specific sizes, plus, we don't currently offer HDC patterns, only SC.
One solution might be to try C2C. It actually isn't difficult at all, and it goes soooo fast! There are many tutorials on YouTube that teach C2C. If you can HDC and DC you can definitely work C2C...the most difficult part I found as a newbie to C2C was trying to get the second block started correctly. But with a tutorial on YouTube or somewhere (so long ago, I can't remember!), it went like a breeze.
Another is to find an image to put through the freePatternWizard, but please note your finished pattern will be single crochet, not half double.
A very tedious option is to find if someone has a pattern like what you want, in half double crochet, though it may not match the size you want. That's simply a matter of searching, unfortunately, which may or may not give results.
I'm so sorry I don't have any better solutions for you! I've been there...same thing...proprietary image, pattern in a stitch I really, really didn't want to do, nothing to use to make the pattern to my specifications. Cry
One other idea, which is probably stupidly simple and not really what you're looking for, is to use Air Force colors, perhaps in stripes or maybe make a solid rectangle for the center, then pick up stitches and go around the edges, making larger borders in other colors, so you keep making it wider and longer until you've reached the desired size (or thereabouts) in different colors in your chosen colorway.
Hope that helps. Kiss

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