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New Project - First time using this site! Misc. Qts
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Jul 11, 2021
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Lrubens102 message #1
New Project - First time using this site! Misc. Qts
July 12, 2021 at 12:44:59 PM
Hi All,
I am very new to this site.  I am trying to create a picture of my husband and our two dogs and was hoping you could help answer a few questions for me:

What is the difference between the 4 color palettes mentioned?
How do you know how many threads to use?
How do you know if it should be a half stitch or a cross stitch
Are there any blending of colors?
Is there any outlining/french knots needed?
Looking to make a standard piece of paper, is 150 stitches enough?



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Re: New Project - First time using this site! Misc. Qts
July 13, 2021 at 12:23:14 AM  (in response to Lrubens102 message #1)
I've answered most of your questions here:
Our software assumes you're using full cross stitches and not half cross stitches.
The software does not have a way of blending plies of different colors at this time to create custom colors.
This version of the software doesn't have a provision for outlining (backstitching) or French knots. If you're working from a photo, you probably don't want to use French knots unless you're trying to give something a certain knotty effect.
The size I explained in the link above. I'm unfortunately unable to answer that question without knowing what count fabric you're asking about, what size a standard piece of paper is for you (here in the US it's 8 1/2 x 11 inches; in Europe I believe the standard size is called A4 and I have no idea what size it is) and if you're using something like a linen, are you stitching over one or over two?
However, that said, size is a simple calculation if you're working in inch measurements. If you're using 14 count Aida cloth, 14 (for one square) x 8.5 (the width of a sheet of paper in the US) = 119 stitches across. (I don't know if European measurements are handled in inches or centimeters.)
Hope that helps and sorry if I'm not understanding your questions!

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