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Picture shadows and words shadowed
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May 30, 2015
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Tippy2813 message #1
Picture shadows and words shadowed
July 5, 2021 at 4:49:28 PM
Hi Jackie here
I've been playing around with a picture that I really want to do but every time I use any palate of colour it adds to many colours and acts shades in places that don't have shades in the picture or shading around words and sort of distorts them it's hard to see and I didn't think the picture was cluttered or blurred in any way Can anyone help me I really want to make this I to a pattern

Thank you in advance

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Jul 1, 2009
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Re: Picture shadows and words shadowed
July 6, 2021 at 12:10:42 AM  (in response to Tippy2813 message #1)
Hi and thanks for using the program!

There are many possible causes for this but the most common two causes are:
  1. When using a large image and having the program shrink it down substantially, you can get a lot of additional shades and colors.
  2. When using a compressed image like a .jpg file, the program will see all the compression pixels and try to use some of these shades and colors in the final pattern.

If you can start with a very small image that's in a non-compressed format (like .gif) it will work much better.

You can also try adjusting Color Sensitivity in section 8 to a higher number.  This will cause the program to combine some shades into single colors.

You can also try setting section 5c to a certain number of colors and the program will combine shades and closest colors to reduce the final number of colors to whatever you tell it.

One other setting you might try is to select 5b and give it the exact colors you want in your final pattern.  It will then try to match these given colors and reduce the number in the pattern.

Of all these, the best solution would be to use a smaller un-compressed image (.gif) with a limited number of colors.

Let me know if this helps.


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