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newbie in need of help
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Jan 21, 2021
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newbie in need of help
January 22, 2021 at 4:52:35 PM
hello! i am new to this site and new to cross stitching. i have tried to upload a few different font designs that i would like to have converted into a cross stitch pattern and not one of them has worked. please let me know what i can do, am i only allowed certain fonts? 

please help this newbie out!

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Re: newbie in need of help
January 22, 2021 at 11:39:25 PM  (in response to foreveroctober message #1)
Welcome! Smile
The problem isn't with fonts being allowed or disallowed. What's happening is you're taking a font that's been made into an image and that image is being turned into a grid.
So if you're using a font that contains thick and thin lines, the thin lines may not be well represented when changed into a grid.
Also, one of the best things to do if you're designing an image to be used as a pattern is to make the cleanest image you possibly can, generated as a .gif or a .png file, where pixels = stitches. So if you're trying to make a piece that's 100x100 stitches, you'd ideally want to make your image 100x100 pixels.
The freePatternWizard isn't actually a graphics program, so if you give it a very large image with the idea of creating a very small pattern, it will do its best, but it will be forced to pick what to keep, and that may not be what you'd want it to keep. This is why it's best to give it exactly the size of image in pixels that you want in stitches.
The best fonts of all for such an endeavor would be uniform thickness. If you can find a font where the thin lines wouldn't tend to get lost, that would also work.
It's not impossible and I've seen fonts that do work well, just that not all fonts are created equal, so looking at it from a standpoint of what will translate well to a grid is very helpful to determine if a font will ultimately give an optimal result. Smile

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Jan 21, 2021
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Re: newbie in need of help
January 24, 2021 at 9:23:40 AM  (in response to Stitchboard Admin message #2)

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