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UK vs US pattern instructions
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Jul 11, 2018
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Laydidi message #1
UK vs US pattern instructions
July 11, 2018 at 12:15:54 PM
Hi everyone!  I've just joined.  Been browsing a bit - what a lovely group! 
I'm an experienced crafter (of many more years than I'd care to admit), but dismayed at the lack of knowledge people generally have of crafting.  I realise however, that I myself do less than I imagine, or would like to do.
Hopefully this group will encourage me to share some of my original patterns, and create more - espcially as I see a rising trend of lace-trimmed garments in UK stores!
Do you use UK or US pattern instructions?
I found some years ago that they differ, startingly, which can be a real challenge for beginners (as well as those creating patterns for sites like this).
UK chain = US ?
UK double crochet = US single crochet as far as I recall
UK half treble = ?
UK treble = ?
UK double treble = ?
Then there's slip stitch . . .

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Stitchboard Admin message #2
Re: UK vs US pattern instructions
July 11, 2018 at 8:18:21 PM  (in response to Laydidi message #1)
Welcome! Smile
Yes, there is a difference between UK and US crochet patterns. It's like UK is a step up in sizes of US terms...or maybe we're a step down! LOL. Wink
The chain (ch) and slip stitch (sl st) are the same for both.
This is a comparison:
UK                                                            US
Double crochet (dc)                                  Single crochet (sc)
Treble (tr)                                                 Double crochet (dc)
Half treble (htr)                                        Half double crochet (hdc)
Double treble (dtr)                                   Treble (tr)
As for the freePatternWizard, we sort of tried to include both, by calling it "standard," hoping there would be less confusion.
For people who are producing individual patterns, most of the time if they don't include a notation, I generally can tell the difference (yes, I have this issue, too!) if I see a lot of treble stitches. That tells me it's likely a UK pattern. Unless it's meant to be a very long stitch, US patterns don't tend to have a lot of trebles.

The other giveaway MAY be a lack of single crochet stitches, but that could also be misleading if a pattern is in US terms, but exclusively uses double crochets, sigh.
And if I've confused you more...argh! I'm so sorry. It's confusing. I much prefer it when people write their patterns and say if they're in UK or US terms. At least give us some idea! I know which it will be if I see it in a UK or US magazine, but otherwise, it can be hard to tell if a pattern is all dobule that a UK double or a US single? Frown
Hope that helps!

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