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midnightbleu message #1
New to the site
June 7, 2018 at 5:28:32 PM
I have been cross stitching for a million years and am excited to find this site with the pattern wizard. I have tried a few others...even some that I bought ...but the detail is not there. I did try the wizard and it shows lots of detail! I am curious how others handle the outlining. Is it just whatever you think looks right or is there a system as I have only done patterns with it included. Also how do you download it to your account. I have tried the download button but it just downloads to my computer and not to my account. I must be missing something easy. I have tried 2 different patterns but account still says no downloads. I must be blonde! LOL! Also, any clues where to get discontinued patterns? I did one of the Viet Nam Memorial and want to do another but can't find the pattern since we moved. I went on Annies and several others but no longer available. I think it was a Dimension or possibly Sunset or Janlynn. Pretty sure it was Dimension though.

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Re: New to the site
June 7, 2018 at 7:45:15 PM  (in response to midnightbleu message #1)
Welcome! Smile
Glad to hear you like the detail the freePatternWizard produces!
Outlining is a feature that will be added in the future. As of now, if you're just creating your own patterns for your own use, perhaps it would be best to look at the work and figure out where to add some outlines. I know it's an inexact science, but it's the best way I can think of, until we have an outline function available. Smile
If you're talking about downloading your finished patterns, at this time there's no storage of patterns on your account...that's also a feature that will be offered at a later date. For now, the only thing to do is download it to your computer. You can also choose the email option, where you can store patterns in your email. Most providers allow you to keep emails indefinitely and many also allow up to X amount of megs or gigs of storage. For example, I believe Google currently offers 15G for a user account.
Oh, discontinued nemesis! Cry I hear you about those. I used to have the most beautiful dragon booklet, but lost it to flood waters and have been unable to find anything close. Cry
What I would say is if you think you know the manufacturer, perhaps call them and see if they can find the right pattern book...they may be able to sell it to you directly, or at least let you know more info about it, should it be out of print. (I'd do the same, but have no memory of who published my dragon booklet, only that it was from at least 20 years ago...needle in a haystack. Cry)
I would guess manufacturers would like to at least help you to get info so you can look on Amazon or eBay for discontinued patterns.
I don't know of anyone who actively sells a lot of old patterns, but wouldn't be surprised to find there is someone like that!

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