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Cross stitch
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Mar 21, 2018
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Penny5 message #1
Cross stitch
April 2, 2018 at 9:42:50 PM
Hi, My name is Penny Kembel...I am new to this site....Ty for letting me join. I am wondring why my pattern is not giving me white teeth. Am I doing something wrong....TIA

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Jul 1, 2009
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Re: Cross stitch
April 2, 2018 at 11:51:23 PM  (in response to Penny5 message #1)
Hi, Penny and welcome!

Here are a couple ideas.

1. Are you allowing it to select from all colors (section 5b and 5c) or are you selecting your colors manually (5b)?

2. Is there a lot of white in your image?  Is the image extremely small?  Here's a hint.  If there are only a small number of white areas in your image, the program may not use white in the pattern.  To correct this, try lowering the "Color Sensitivity" in section 8.  The lower this setting, the more different colors will be in the final pattern.  So, for example, the only white in your image is your teeth and they're relatively small in the image, a Color Sensitivity of 20 would probably not show white teeth, and actually choose another color closest to white that is more abundant in your image.  This could even make teeth green or gray or whatever.  Surprised  If you then lowered the Color Sensitivity to 10, the teeth might come out white.  If this setting is related to why the teeth don't come out white, try lowering the setting gradually until it works.  If you just use a Color Sensitivity of 1 all the time, there will be too many colors in your patterns.

Let me know if this helps.  I have a couple other ideas.  I'm also going to start enabling some of my new fixes and updates very soon but your issue is probably not a problem with the program.  I'm guessing it can be fixed with settings.  I'm also hoping to get to the helper videos that will go through all the settings.  This has been on hold until I catch up a bit but I should have more and more time beginning later this month.


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