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Re: Picking up color when area should be white?
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michaelalarue1999 message #31
Re: Picking up color when area should be white?
February 6, 2018 at 2:53:16 AM
Hi Terry!

I got this to work!!!!  But, I didn't use your image...  I read your newest note & still had the original version of the image that I redesigned (the one that was good).  I reopened the file in my editing program, resaved the file but this time as a gif.  I ran it through the program but still saw problems so I went back and reread a few more of your messages.

All along I have been using the "light" stray pixel cleanup & the "smooth" option to the max smoothness available, & also choose my colors.

This time, I used the gif again, chose the the pixel option=image pixel, used the basic switchboard pallet, did not designate any restrictions or my own colors, nor did I use the smoothness & stray pixel cleanup.  Viola!  Perfect word chart.  I reran the image again only this time I chose the color & symbol chart just to verify it wasn't picking up errant colors & it isn't.  The stitch counts on both the word & graph pdfs are exact.

I cannot thank you enough for all your help!  I learned an awful lot through this & hopefully I can now regraph other images that were giving me issues as well...

Thank you, thank you, thanks!!!


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