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Hello out there ! Help please
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Karen1121 message #1
Hello out there ! Help please
November 27, 2017 at 5:58:35 PM
I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Karen, I live in a super small town in Northwest Mo (221 people) LOL I found this web site on crochet parfait . I was hoping maybe some one out there could give me any advice on the graph-gans or the corner to corner crochet patterns. I've heard that I can upload or download a pattern from the crochet parfait web site to here somehow to make the graph more legible.  I was also wondering if anyone knew how to judge the final size of a graph-gan to corner to corner, since one is single crochet and the other is double.  I'm sorry to be such a pain right of the bat , but I so want to begin a crochet pattern as soon as possible and not sure where to begin.  Thank you in advance

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Re: Hello out there ! Help please
November 28, 2017 at 1:51:20 AM  (in response to Karen1121 message #1)

Welcome! Smile

Wow, that sure is a small town!

I'm not familiar with Crochet Parfait; I see that they have a Facebook group where they provide their graphs, but unless one has joined you can't see their graphs!

Offhand I wouldn't think it would be a good idea to upload graphs that have already been made to the freePatternWizard; my guess is that it would make the images less legible and introduce strange interference, for instance, where the graph lines are. Frown

It's a little more complex to determine size, but not impossible by any means!

First, it's imperative that you make a gauge swatch (two in this case). I know, these are a necessary evil and nobody likes to do them (well, almost nobody! Wink), but that's the best way of knowing what your finished size will be. Unfortunately, nobody will be able to do that except you...your gauge depends on your chosen yarns, hook and tension, the tension being the thing unique to you! Smile

Again, you would make two swatches, one of single crochet only and one of the corner to corner. Then you can measure and work out the math to know how many single crochet stitches to one inch.

For the c2c it's a little more complicated. I think this video explains it best, giving the math she used for her own gauge (which will very likely be different than yours):

Notice at about 1:08 in the video is where her calculations are. For her own gauge, she measured 6 "clusters" to 4 inches in her particular yarn, hook size and tension.

The washcloth she wanted to make was 30 x 30 clusters.

30 / 6 = 5, which is 5 sets of clusters of 6.

5 (sets of clusters) x 4 (inches) = 20 inches, so the 30 x 30 project will be 20 inches wide.

This is the only way to determine finished size, unfortunately, short of actually crocheting the entire thing, then measuring the finished piece!

Hope that helps! Smile

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