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Hello from the Netherlands
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Sep 26, 2017
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Nephtysrose message #1
Hello from the Netherlands
September 26, 2017 at 9:52:16 AM

Hi, i am a woman from the Netherlands, i used to do loomstitching when i was very young. Mostly strechable headbands indian style, which where popular at that time.

After a long time i got back to my old interests like loomstitching but i do like all kinds of stuff. It must have been 30 odd years since i did this. Beads have changed, colours have changed and i prefer delica's.

On pinterest i do look for beautiful work to inspire me, but found the possibilty here more my thing. Why copy someones work, when there is a possibilty to design your own?

Nowadays i also do tatting, with and without beads. But that is how i went back to my old loomstitching.

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Re: Hello from the Netherlands
September 27, 2017 at 1:11:51 AM  (in response to Nephtysrose message #1)

Welcome! Smile Wow, the Netherlands...a place I'd love to see someday!

So glad you found us and will be designing your own pieces.

I, too, love Delicas. Seed beads are great for sculptural work, but they're not as even as Delicas. Especially if you're going to do looming. I do mostly off-loom stitches and even for those the Delicas work wonderfully!

Tatting is so beautiful! I haven't mastered that one. I once learned shuttle tatting and made, gasp, one stitch! LOL. Wink

The nice thing is tatting is very popular these days. For a while it seemed to fade out, but then it made a resurgence. It's best the old art forms keep going, rather than getting lost to time!

Feel free to share pictures of your work! Smile

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