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Some bug fixes coming in the next couple weeks
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Some bug fixes coming in the next couple weeks
September 18, 2017 at 5:31:25 PM
Hi, All!

I've been collecting information relating to a few bugs and am going to go through my list and take care of them all.  As I always say, if I can reproduce a problem, I can fix it.  Some are obscure, others more common.

A few of the issues being fixed are:
  • In beading, if you set a preference to not show the beads on the cover sheet of the pdf, the beads also go away on the pattern pages.  The beads should still show on the pdf pattern pages regardless of this setting.
  • When using manual color choices, the program sometimes only chooses a couple colors, and sometimes not even ones you've chosen.  This is more prevalent in beading.
  • The program sometimes introduces a gray color mainly when the image has no black and/or white.
  • A couple other color choosing issues will be fixed.

Then hopefully during October we'll be turning on a new internal graphics engine and at that point pdf charts will be exactly pixel-for-pixel the same as what you see on the screen.  Currently there can be a difference.  The new engine has had extensive testing with one of our corporate clients and works well.  This new engine will also eliminate future color-choosing bugs.

Thanks to those who have sent me reports, images and settings.  Like I say, some problems only show up in specific combinations of settings.  I want to get these bugs fixed before starting to enable new things!

I'll update everyone as I fix each bug.


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