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v3.7.0 Added New Preferences Option to Personalize pdf Cover Sheet Image
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v3.7.0 Added New Preferences Option to Personalize pdf Cover Sheet Image
August 18, 2017 at 2:05:00 AM
Hi, All!

If you want to change the appearance of the image on your pdf cover sheet, read on...

For the past month we've had some users ask about the thumbnail image used on the pdf cover page.

After adjusting it to some users' preferences I found that different users often preferred a different appearance.  So as to please everyone (yes, we try to do that Laughing) I just added a new Preferences option.

If you click on the blue Preferences tab on the left, you'll see a new setting called, "Pdf Cover Page Image Appearance".  There are three settings:
  1. "Appear Stitched":  When enabled, the image on the pdf cover page will show beads, squares, rectangles, and ovals as necessary to give a very rough idea of what the stitched item might look like.
  2. "Appear Without Stitches":  When enabled, the image will appear without any outlines of beads, squares, rectangles, or ovals.  It'll simply show your pixelized image using the colors from your selected palette (i.e. bead color).
  3. "Show Original Image":  It'll simply show your original image with original colors.  It will not be made up of individual little "stitched" blocks (pixels).

Sample pdf output is below:

"Appear Stitched" "Appear Without Stitches" "Show Original Image"

The first option is obvious.  In this case I created a beaded clown.  It shows each bead, filled in with the corresponding color.  The second image is actually digitized and made up of pixels the size of the corresponding stitches.  The first two settings use colors found in the selected color palette in the program.  The third image has more detail and the colors are the same as the original image, not from colors in the program palette.

In this example, the colors chosen from the program are actually very close to the original and that's why you don't see much difference between the second and third image.  This was using a bead palette with hundreds of colors.  You'll see a bigger difference if you use a yarn palette or limit the number of colors.

Anyway, we've found some commercial users prefer the middle setting but others like to see what it might look like when finished.

You can change this setting as often as you like.  Just remember to click on the "save setting" button in the Preferences slideout window.

Also, as always, please let me know if I messed something up with this update!  I'm not aware of any problems.

Have fun!  Much more coming!


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