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v3.6.2 - Re-enabled "screen" option for users having pdf download problems
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v3.6.2 - Re-enabled "screen" option for users having pdf download problems
July 13, 2017 at 12:45:19 AM
Hi, Everyone,

Since we upgraded the site to a secure server (HTTPS:) back in April, some users have been experiencing periodic problems getting their pdf charts on the screen.

This problem shows up both in IOS and Android devices.

In testing I found that there's no single solution.  Some devices work no matter what (like my iPhone).  Other require you change the pdf format setting in section 7 of the freePatternWizard.

For those IOS device users having pdf viewing problems, I just re-enabled a "screen" option in section 7 that helps.

The problem is that there's no common solution to the pdf viewing problem.  Users with an iPad using a certain version of IOS and browser might have no problem.  Those with a slightly different version of browser on the same device might have a problem.  Some with a different IOS version with the same browser version might or might not have a problem.  Again, they come and go depending on the combination of device, operating system version, and broswer version.

SO, if you have a problem getting a pdf chart (like all you see is a bunch of garbage text on the screen or get a download failed message), try another setting in section 7.  There are currently 3 options — Download pattern, Show /pdf pattern on screen, and Email pattern to myself.  If you have a problem with one setting, try another.

Some versions of operating systems and browser versions are more sensitive to downloading pdf files from a secure server.

I'll eventually be adding a 4th option that should offer a universal fix but for now most users should find an option that works by trying the different pdf settings in section 7.


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