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Pattern reading
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bel0903 message #1
Pattern reading
June 25, 2017 at 5:05:55 AM
I have been using your pattern creator but on the print outs for example it states:
ROW 1: (150) white
ROW 1 (return) (150) white

can you please let me know if this is stated as for 2 rows I dont quiet understand the explanation, and also does all the pattern come out on a single or double crochet

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Re: Pattern reading
June 25, 2017 at 9:47:11 PM  (in response to bel0903 message #1)
Welcome! Smile

When you go to make your pattern, please use "standard stitch," which is the standard single crochet. (We do have double crochet in our plans, but don't have it available at this time.) The word chart you're describing is for Tunisian crochet, as that is the only type with a "return" for each row. With standard single crochet, you go from side to side, flipping your piece so you (in effect) go right to left and left to right on alternate rows, even though you technically work in the same direction for each row (flipping it is what changes the direction). With Tunisian crochet you use a special type of hook and you go from right to left and then without flipping the work, you work off the entire row of loops from left to right.

If you make a word pattern in Tunisian crochet when you only want single crochet (e.g., standard), you'll be very disappointed in the results, because it won't match what you're doing.

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