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May 22, 2017
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mccarthy60 message #1
May 22, 2017 at 12:31:04 PM
I am new here. I am interested in anything beaded. I have done some beginner loom work, beginner peyote and currently I am trying to cross stitch with beads and finding it difficult using a beading needle and finding the hole. Wondering if anyone has done this and if you have thought about using needlepoint canvas?

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Re: Hello
May 22, 2017 at 9:40:32 PM  (in response to mccarthy60 message #1)

Welcome! Smile

Sounds like you're really doing a lot of interesting things in beading! Smile

I used to cross stitch, so I found beading the other way, by beading directly on cross stitch fabric (both Aida cloth and linen), then converting over to off-loom techniques.

I don't recall having a particular difficulty with either Aida cloth or linen; do you find you need to wear glasses of some kind, perhaps magnifiers to help you focus on the fabric better? Are you having similar difficulty with tapestry needles? And if not, is it the length of the beading needle that might be the problem? When I used to bead on cross stitch fabric, I used a very thin, small "sharps" needle. Unlike a beading needle, it's quite short and could make it easier on you to find the holes in the fabric.

I can't think of anything else offhand. Of course, needlepoint canvas would be a good alternative IMO, since it's very different from Aida cloth or linen. You might be able to find a particular technique that fits needlepoint canvas better than a conventional stitch would on Aida or linen.

One other thought, though I can't imagine this would really affect anything. What kind of stitch do you use to attach the beads to your cloth? There is a much better way than a half cross stitch, which is to make a tent stitch. A tent stitch uses more thread and holds your beads on much more securely than a half cross stitch. (It's a stitch that's generally used for needlepoint.)

Wish I could think of something else; I'm not sure if the above is at all helpful, and if it's not, my apologies!

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