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v3.4.12 Updating and working on new version
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v3.4.12 Updating and working on new version
April 8, 2017 at 12:46:06 AM

While we're still working on testing and debugging a new version of the program, I've begun updating a bunch (technical term) of internal settings and configurations which will make everyting run smoother.

While I'll try to be careful, over the next few days you may see a temporary glitch in something.  I don't expect anything to affect the operation of the freePatternWizard.

Some of the changes affect things site-wide and you may have to do small things like retrain your browser if it saves your password.

We're bringing the site much more up-to-date and usability will eventually be easier on mobile devices.

We're also working on some new things which will be bringing a lot of new people to the site so I'll probably be upgrading the hardware again soon.  And we're prepared to continue upgrading the hardware as necessary.

Once all these updates are finished, we'll work to complete our testing of the new software so we can begin turning on new features.

As usual, have fun!  There's lots more to come!


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